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Wheelchair Transportation

The need to use wheelchair transportation should not stop you from going to the places you would like to go, here at Upscale Medical Transportation, we have wheelchair lifts equipped within our vehicles that can make that wheelchair transportation happen! Whether you have your own wheelchair or electric power chair, we can make your transportation needs easier than ever. Our vehicles are equipped with professionally made, hydraulic lifts that enable an individual to remain in their wheelchair seat as they are loaded into the vehicle. Thanks to our experienced drivers and accommodating vehicles, your loved ones can stay safely in their wheelchairs while in transit to their appointments, family events, personal errands and more!

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Your wheelchair-bound loved ones do not have to struggle with riding passenger vehicle any longer. With our services, they will receive benefits that will improve their overall well-being as they will no longer have to struggle with the headaches of getting in and out of a vehicle that is not wheelchair accessible.

With our vehicles and prepared staff, we are prepared to handle their needs.

We urge you to please contact us if you have any other questions @ 973-393-2846. Not sure which solution fits your needs? Contact us today, and we will assist you.