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Serving Clients Who Need Non-Emergency Patient Transportation Services in NJ


We have connections to care. By having access to care and quality services, we can improve 20% of a person’s health and well-being with non-emergency patient transportation services. This service isn’t a complex task, but many people don’t have consistent and safe rides to healthcare appointments. That’s where Upscale Medical Transportation comes in to provide clients who need patient transportation services in Essex, Middlesex, Hudson, Union and surrounding Counties.

We are driven to create the best client experience in our industry. Not only do we meet our client’s expectations, but we aim to exceed them. Going beyond our client’s expectations requires timeliness, a caring attitude, empathy, and consistency. There is only one call for non-emergency patient transportation services in New Jersey – Upscale Medical Transportation.



Facilities We Serve

Unlike Uber Health, Lyft, cabs, or taxis, we offer personalized and affordable patient transportation including wheelchair and stretcher services. Each van has GPS connections to our office for monitoring and constant communication. Our experienced drivers are also well-trained to deliver a safe, comfortable ride and have rigorous safety training, including CPR.

Seniors use our transportation services as their personalized and preferred ride and mainly come with a wheelchair, walker, or cane. Millennials love us because we transport their grandparents to family holiday gatherings and baseball games. Out-of-town families or caregivers can rest assured their loved ones make essential medical appointments on time. Plus, we’re a growing company, so we are always interested in hiring new drivers who meet our stringent qualifications.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance or employment purposes.

See what our clients are saying

Vicki HerbigVicki Herbig
22:38 12 Apr 24
Very reasonable price, easy to make reservation and very pleasant on phone. On time for pick up and drop off. Very efficient loading passenger on and off van. Earl was extremely professional and easy to work with. Will definitely use again if services are needed.
Lisa JonesLisa Jones
18:05 12 Apr 24
The name of the company speaks for itself! From the initial phone call about the services they provide to their professionalism, care, compassion & friendliness - it’s all Upscale. I wholeheartedly thank Earl & our driver Derek for treating my 97 year- old mother & me like their own family from the moment they stepped inside our home. Upscale made what could have been a stressful trip to the doctor quite enjoyable. I’m booking for mom’s next appointment! Thank you again for your care & expertise.
I injured my foot and UPSCALE was THE ONLY company to be there for me as a reliable service. No long waits to be picked up - other companies made me wait anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours, usually the latter - and only respectful, cool drivers. If you have an issue - and you likely won't - you can call the office and get a friendly voice; not some rude dispatcher who has had one too many cups of coffee! UPSCALE REALLY CARES for their customers! THEY ARE THE BEST! FIVE STARS!
01:45 22 Mar 24
I am extremely satisfied with the service Upscale Medical Transport has provided for my Grandmother. They are punctual, courteous, and professional. They ensured my comfort and my Grandmothers safety. I greatly appreciate their attention to detail. I highly recommend Upscale to anyone in need of medical transportation services.
Sombrita DarkSombrita Dark
14:12 13 Mar 24
Terrible company, they are not professionals in what they do, my son is a child with special needs, he has a suction machine, a feeding machine and uses oxygen. Today we had an appointment and first they picked us up late to go to the appointment and then to return home they were supposed to pick us up at 2:30 and they didn't arrive, my son is using oxygen and his tank only lasts about 3 hours I called them and they tell me that it would take 25 minutes to arrive and my son's oxygen is about to run out. If something happens to my son, this company will be to blame and they will have to pay the consequences because beforehand they knew that he uses oxygen because when I made my reservation and I always let them know.3/13/2024Here again, this company is useless, they have terrible service, they are always late to pick you up or sometimes they don't arrive at all, it is very difficult for my son to find an appointment for his doctors, he has to wait months for an appointment and the day he It's time to take him to his appointment, this company accepts the trip and they always arrive late and make me miss appointments, that's unfair. They lack principles and professionalism in what they do.
Susan HinkleySusan Hinkley
02:27 25 Nov 23
Absolutely the worst service and customer service i've ever experienced. They are always late picking up my 87year old mom to transport to her scheduled pickup appointment. Then when we call for a return pick up, they lie and tell you half hour. But reality is, we have to wait 2 hours plus. If in fact it's a 2 hour wait, then we should be told 2hours from the beginning.I should not be told 1 time, then told another time, and another time. When you call to inquire, they lie again and tell you another timeframe. I could push her back in her wheelchair faster than their service. I wish I was able to book another service but she is coming from a rehab center and they schedule transportation.
Q Ann TQ Ann T
13:49 30 Sep 23
This was my first experience with Upscale Medical Transport.I have to take my elderly Dad to hospital from second floor of my house with almost 15 stairs . Earl and his colleague were careful and considerate to transport him through wheelchair. They have been very professional, accommodating, and punctual for pick up.Though we have done with pick-up and drop-off charges yet I have to bring back my Dad by hospital ambulance , and Upscale refunded promptly.I do recommend this company. Thank you for providing great service. Will definitely go for the same company if needed.