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We are aware that mobility limitations become a challenge when you have no safe way of getting upstairs. We offer a solution to that and it would be our stair chair services!
Our electric stair chairs are one of the best examples of what distinguishes us from other companies that are in the same industry as us. Our well-trained staff is ready for the toughest situations when it comes to staircases. Our electric stair chair is designed to safely take you up and down from a staircase all without any involvement of the person we are transporting.
We’ve transported countless amounts of patients with our stair chair service. As time goes by, we continue to add to that number as we are incredibly proud of what we do for our community.

Watch the video on stair chair lift assistance to see how it’s done!

The stair chair is one of the most useful pieces of equipment in the medical transportation field. It allows one or two well-trained MAVO/attendants to safely transport a patient up and down stairs regardless of most injuries or inabilities.
Here’s a video to get a quick idea and visual of how our company safely transport a person up a flight of stairs.
For more information or any questions, you may have, visit our contact pages or give us a call @ 973-393-2846.